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Aeratron AE+3 tri blade light timber white canopy
AERATRON AE+3 Angebot€529,00
FLÜGEL Tri-Blade (3)
GRÖSSEN 109cm 126cm 152cm
LUFTSTROM NIEDRIGE/HOHE GESCHWINDIGKEIT (M3/MIN) 42.1/125.9 57.7/177.1 83.6/260.7
LÜFTERHÖHE 27.5cm 27.5cm 27.5cm
DREHZAHL/MINUTE (MIN/MAX) 61/181 60/180 56/152
ABMESSUNGEN DER BOX 24.5 x 16.5 x 15 * *
ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2024 * *
KLASSIFIZIERUNG Feuchtigkeit * *

Lautloses Statement Für Ihr Zuhause


Aeratron Deckenventilatoren sind 6x leiser als herkömmliche Deckenventilatoren - und mehr als 15 Dezibel leiser als unser direkter Wettbewerber. Wir machen mit unserer Performance auf uns aufmerksam und stören Sie nicht in Ihrer Konzentration. Unser patentiertes, in der Schweiz entwickeltes self-balancing-system hält die Flügel in einem stabilen, aerodynamischen Gleichgewicht und verhindert das unwuchtige Wackeln herkömmlicher Deckenventilatoren.

*Geräuschwahrnehmung des AE+3 bei mittlerer Drehzahl im Vergleich zu herkömmlichen Deckenventilatoren

Großes Einsparpotential


Sparen Sie im Sommer bei der Kühlung und im Winter beim Heizen! Maximieren Sie die Effizienz Ihres Heizsystems, indem Sie indem Sie mit unserer Winterfunktion wärmere Luft von der Decke zurück in den Raum zirkulieren lassen. Profitieren Sie von den gleichen Einsparungen im Sommer, wenn unsere charakteristischen zwei- und dreidimensionalen Flügel die heiße Luft abführen, so dass Sie die Klimaanlage früher ausschalten können - oder sie ganz auslassen können.

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Margarethe Else
Toller Service!

unkompliziert und immer lösungsorientiert

Kalen Grenzebach - With Grenlar Construction
AE+3 Fans

We replaced two old fans in a 7,000sf Parks office building with two of the AE+3 fans. They have high ceilings so moving the heat was really important to the customer. These fans truly delivered! Not only do they look really in their and our opinion they move a ton of air quietly. Scott Herrmann was extremely helpful. After learning about what we needed and where they were going sent a complete set. I really appreciate the responsiveness and help! Will definitely be my first stop next time we need ceiling fans. Thanks!

Replacing Emerson ECO fan with AE+3

With the difficulties of finding replacement parts for my Emerson fans, I have for the first time bought an Aeratron fan (60” AE+3) to replace one of my 58” Emerson Avant ECO fans. The install was fairly easy particularly due to the multi-pin male-to-female electrical connections. Scott Hermann at Aeratron was available to provide some valuable advice during my installation. Anyway, I’m happy with the AE+3 operation after 2 days of operation. I just ordered two more AE+3 fans having decided to continue on a path to eventually replace all my Emerson DC fans.

Pamela Milo
The Best!

Just bought our fourth! Two black fans on large beam of reclaimed wood, one light wood in the guest suite and this one is replacing 1980’s kitchen fan. We have fans in most rooms and outside on the veranda. So glad I found these. They are quiet, silent is a better description, only hear the air moving. No wobble. We have yet to have them on high, other than the fun of trying out high speed. I particularly appreciate the look of the fan. Bought the first ones for a new addition. Just the right look, they just look cool, added bonus is they work great. Appreciate that reverse is on the remote. Of all the fans I have bought, these are the best. Very happy customer. Perfection in a fan.

Eleanor Roath
More comfort with higher thermostat in summer?!!

We had three fans (ae3 50) installed two weeks ago, one in each bedroom. Our rooms are approx. 12x12 in 60's ranch. It's nothing short of amazing! My thermostat stays much higher and we are more comfortable, especially at night (68 to now 74). Enough air pushes out of the rooms to keep that end of the house comfortable all day. We will be replacing the other ceiling fans shortly. They look good, the led lights are nice, and we leave the remote docked (comes with discreet hook) under the existing switch on the wall and remove as needed. In two weeks (August), I've seen my power usage drop in a real way. For my initial purchase, I called the US office for help and Scott Herrman was great!